Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Queer Texts, Queer Contexts

Summary: In his article "Queer Texts, Queer Contexts", Harriet Malinowitz talks about the discourse community of the gay and lesbian population and their community. He goes into the specifics of the communities by talking about their identity and composition and classification and definition. There are also two ways of viewing identity and it can be seen as a basis for social change and community formation. Group Identity has become to a diminished level of fiction
Conversation: This article is like that of Elizabeth Wardle's article "Identity, Authroity, and Learning to Write in New Workplaces" because both texts talk about identity and how you can pinpoint them. Each gives their personal opinion to the specific details in the discourse communities they are talking about.
Opinion: I enjoyed the reading because I didn't think that scholars would be putting something about the gay community in any of the books. I have a personal connection to the people that are in gay community and this just shows how everything is changing as we progress through the years.

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  1. Good response, Rae'ven. I like the way you latched onto the issue of identity in your summary and synthesis, and I think it's an astute observation to connect this article to the Wardle reading.